POSTED ON 10/25/2018 IN News BY Jamie Bourn

Supporting the Designers and Furniture Makers of the Future

Whitemeadow is helping inspire the next generation of designers and furniture makers by supporting a campaign organised by The Furniture Makers’ Company, the furnishing industry’s charity. We have sponsored eight schools within the local Nottinghamshire area.

Launched in 2014, the School Design Prize raises awareness of the furnishing industry among school children by rewarding them for their design & technology course work. Every year The Furniture Makers’ Company asks companies and individuals to sponsor copies of a design textbook which are then posted to schools around the country for design & technology teachers to present to their most outstanding student. The prize is a certificate and a copy of ‘Design of the 20th Century’ by Charlotte and Peter Fiell, published by Taschen.

The Furniture Makers’ Company is the British furnishing industry’s charity, which fosters and supports the industry by nurturing skills and expertise, supporting those in need and inspiring excellence. It encourages the highest standards and best practice in the design, making, marketing and selling of all kinds of furniture and furnishings throughout the UK, recognising quality through the award of its Guild Marks. It supports students and young people with grants, training and mentoring in order to foster talent and safeguard the future of the industry. It provides support and assistance to those in need who are working or have worked in the UK furnishing industry. You can find out more here.

Dr Tony Smart MBE, Master of The Furniture Makers’ Company, said: “We are immensely grateful to Whitemeadow for their support of our School Design Prize campaign. The long term prosperity of the furnishing industry depends on us attracting young people to pursue a career in this creative, vibrant sector. The award is something that the winning student should be very proud of.”

Ian Oscroft, Managing Director at Whitemeadow commented: “It is absolutely key for our industry that we focus on developing the next generation of designers and we are keen therefore to support this initiative within our local area”.

George Cooper, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Furniture Makers' Company commented: "Emily Lindsay from Joseph Whitaker School, one of Whitemeadow’s recipients was in attendance, and she actually came second in the National School Design Prize for the piece called Multimedia. It wasn’t a piece of furniture per se, it was an architectural model, but she got a lot out of the day. Her parents accompanied her and they were very positive about the prize and the exhibition, and it’s because of Whitemeadow’s support, so thank you".

Click here to view a short video which captures the vibrancy and excitement of the 2018 Young Furniture Makers Exhibition.