POSTED ON 08/22/2018 IN Blog BY Jamie Bourn

Maximising in-store sales opportunities with accent pieces

All furniture stores have the same primary objective- to sell as many products as possible. But what is the best way to do this? Over the next few weeks we will be publishing a mini series of posts that explain how Whitemeadow supports you- the retailer, to do just that.

Through our many years of experience of working with a large variety of premium independent retailers- from small boutiques to larger independent groups, we have found that the key to successful repeat orders on both our upholstery and bed frame collections is to understand the importance of dressing room sets to create impact and inspiration. It is essential that displays are presented in a way that enhances the products as much as possible. We have seen that customers who understand this concept and practice it successfully, see strong week on week repeat business from consumers, and that up to 50% of consumers will buy an accent piece of furniture such as a footstool or chair if it is displayed with sofa or bed they are looking to buy. With figures like this, is this an opportunity that you can afford to miss?

Whitemeadow are proud to be able to support our independent customers by providing a wide range of accent chairs, footstools, ottomans and chaises- available in over 100 fabrics to contrast or match the main upholstery piece or bed frame on display.  These can be displayed and ordered as part of any range display.

Obviously, displaying ottomans and chaises with beds, and accent chairs and footstools displayed with sofas work really well with consumers as it’s easy for them to picture how they can work with the space they have at home.  But don’t be afraid to think outside the box if you also sell other home departments ranges. Why not add an accent chair to a bathroom display or a child’s bedroom room set? Our Accent Collection is made up of versatile companion pieces that can be used to compliment any room’s décor, including living rooms, studies, hallways, adults and kids’ bedrooms or even bathrooms.

From stylish compact boutique chairs to large cosy cuddlers, we have a wide variety of individual chairs in all shapes and sizes, with a choice of wooden leg finishes, castors, or sleek chrome legs.

Our range of storage stools and ottomans not only provide a practical storage solution for children’s’ toys, magazines and general clutter, but they can also compliment a rooms’ décor to make a home individual.

To find out more information about our accent range, please contact your Whitemeadow Sales Manager, or email