Conscious Consumerism

With climate change becoming the defining issue of our time, environmentally-friendly furniture has never been more fashionable or sought-after. Many manufacturers are now looking to use more eco-friendly processes and components to satisfy the consumer demand for real change. Be prepared to see more use of organic materials, natural flooring, bamboo and linen in homes this year.

Eco-friendly furniture doesn’t mean low-end or non-luxurious. With the increase in eco-awareness and conscious consumerism, we are beginning to put the environment at the forefront of our design process. With that, we are proud to launch the Neptune range. The fabrics used are made out of 100% recycled yarns from REPREVE®, the back cushions are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and the seat cushions are made from Quollofil Blue- made up of 50% SOCIAL PLASTIC®. The lining and base cloth are made of 80% recycled plastic bottles. All this, and still the same quality, comfort and style you would expect from a Whitemeadow product.