A day in the life of Justin Hewitt

The main part of my role is to deliver safely and efficiently the 3000+ sofas, chairs, and beds that we make here at Whitemeadow every week to our customers, this is something we are very Proud at achieving. I have an office team of 3 that support me in this and currently 19 drivers that report into us.

We currently have 47 vehicles on our fleet, from cars to HGV trucks and everything in between, these all need to be insured, taxed, have valid MOT’s and the larger vehicles need safety checks every 8 weeks. We have in total 57 employees that drive our vehicles and we make sure this is done safely and legal (Driving licence checks).

I first joined Whitemeadow 22 years ago as a general labour, bagging, cushion filling and loading. Over the years I have worked up through inspection then into upholstery, I did a few years in the sewing room then into the Cutting room, becoming a production Manager. I then moved into Transport delivering our furniture and became Transport Manager. In 2019 I became Head of Group Transport and part of the Senior Leadership Team.

I really enjoy all parts of my job and the variety of different challenges that comes with it, I could be helping a driver find a delivery address, talking to a customer about an issue they have with their order, writing an SOP, inducting a new starter, chairing a senior leadership meeting or being a disciplinary officer.

My day can really start and finish at any time, today was a call from a driver at 03:30 that had an issue with his vehicle. Most of my staff are out on the open road from early morning till late evening and a few of them all night as we deliver all over the UK so can take a couple of days to reach the customer with a few overnight stops.

I have no real set daily routine other than a daily debrief with my staff at 14:00 and scheduled weekly meeting with some of our bigger customers, I am in the office from 7:30 each day but can also be at any of our 7 factories to attend a meeting or just checking in with them to see how things are going, my workload comes in through phone calls and emails on a day to day basis and I also have long term projects, some are set by my Director but most I set myself such as improving efficiency with in the department.

I really enjoy working in such a dynamic working environment and I am very proud at what we have achieved.