A day in the life of Jacob Flint

My primary roles within the organisation is to provide 1st & 2nd line IT support to the organisation by ensuring office-based and factory-based computer users can perform their duties and tasks on computers and to support them on any technical issues they might have. I also develop digital solutions to business issues/needs to help the business evolve into a more modern and efficient workplace.

My workday starts at 8:00am which is an hour before most of our office staff start work, this is largely to allow me an hour of time to carry out any tasks that might disrupt the business, e.g.: Server reboots, moving computers and equipment as colleagues move desks, or PC maintenance. I spend most of my working time attending to our IT helpdesk where our users email in their issues or requests and I can work on them in an organised manner, this allows us to track reoccurring issues and monitor the efficiency of our ticket resolution metrics.

I really enjoy my job as helping people with there issues is a rewarding process, especially with users who are not confident using computers. Helping those users and watching their confidence grow, by showing them how to fix the issues themselves instead of doing the fix for them is beneficial in the long run and very rewarding.

Every day brings fresh challenges, there is never two days the same in my job! Some days I am sat at my desk most the day, on others, I am jumping from site to site across one of our 6 production sites. Some days I am working on office computers and other days I am supporting external engineers working on CNC machines at our wood mill.

I also have certain organisational duties to ensure good housekeeping within the department and the wider organisation:

  • Equipment/asset management
  • Ordering equipment/assets
  • Organising secure removal and destruction of retired assets/equipment
  • Running complex financial reporting
  • Monitoring digital threats and running mock attacks e.g.: Phishing Emails
  • Organising and implementing IT security training across the organisation

I am currently studying IT Infrastructure Engineering via an apprenticeship provided for me by the business to give me the building blocks to take a step up the career ladder in the industry of IT which is a fantastic opportunity provided to me.